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History and organization

Taiwan Plastic Industry Association was established in 1958 to Promoting the plastic technological upgrading and expanding sales and trade, to create the new vision of the plastic industry, to enhance international competitiveness.
Major Functions:1.Market development.

2.Facilitate in upgrading or boosting the technology.

3.Mutually develop and find solutions for emerging issues.

4.Establish cooperative network in the Asian to develop market.


1.Plastic pipe, sheet, bag, film, bottle, disposal dishes, vessel, packaging.

2.Parts for computer, electrical communication, industry etc…

3.The daily necessities, furniture, tableware, bathroom, brushes etc…


The Organization will be the divided council and board of supervisors, directors and supervisors of all 48 people.

Under the president, set a positive (deputy) secretary-general, under the jurisdiction of the business, the General Accounting three groups to promote the whole general conduct of business, the other at the Council, set up PVC, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, comprehensive, weaving bags, PS foam products and mainland trade services committees nine committees to strengthen research work.

Looking to the future
Despite the high-tech, precision industry is an inevitable trend of industrial development , but the petrochemical plastics industries in the industrial sector will still play an important roleit is undeniable, sothe Association will try to meet the needs of members of the plant, it is recommended the Government to strengthen guidance and support to help solve laborenvironmental protection, land, finance, marketing, information delivery, research and development, personnel training and technical and other issues, cometogether to create a new look plastic industryand enhance international competitiveness
    • 中部辦事處:
    • 401台中市中美街614號
    • TEL:04-2322-2183/ FAX:04-23203992
    • 南部辦事處:
    • 701台南市大同路一段115巷12號3樓
    • TEL:06-2141-977/FAX:06-2141--979